Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi main entrance.


The base has a marina, RV park and beach and fishing pier. Giant offshore oil rigs are visible in the background.



Also home to Coast Guard and Border Patrol.



Historical markers in the community around the base.


How did Flour Bluff get its name…read below.


Highs and lows……
After I snapped this pick I recieved a text that my lifelong friend has suddenly passed away. This post is dedicated to you Michael C Eubanks. Peace be with you in God’s kingdom.

Sand and Sharks


Christmas Day 2014 I rode to the island.

The beach is 60 miles one way…no pavement and few people. The tide is low and I ride close to the water. The sand is packed and the klr easily yields 45mph and a few times I throttle up past 60mph.


My friend Ricky is on the beach most weekends. He fishes for sharks like this one.


Ricky shared some food and water. A coyote came over the dunes near us. I pass two more coyotes on my way out. Odd to see them in the daylight.


The border patrol were looking for the the undocumented imagrant who rode in on this.

Small world…today I meet a lady at an electrnics store. She recently moved here from the same area of Oklahoma.
Good luck Micheal.

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Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore is one of the longest barrier islands. After finding out this area is 60 miles to the Mansfield Channel I want to see if it’s possible to make it in and out in one day. Much of the beach is drivable however the automobile traffic breaks up the sand and creates balance issues for riding on two wheels.

The last fuel stop. I did make it on one tank without using the extra fuel I carried. I would later find that the round trip logged in 152 miles to get back to the fuel stop.


Thanks to Geni from Houston for snapping this pic. I call this “Point A”. The skies are cloudy and a slight chance of rain is forcast. Due to the shifting sand the helmet and armor will stay on all day.


Warnings and Rules


The first 5 miles were easy enough. I kept my speed to near 20MPH. A few times the sand caused the front wheel to wabble however it is easy to spot the loose sand and reduce speed.
There are nautical debris scattered along the way. I choose not to post pics because it might make your ride less interesting.
However; this is the wreckage of the Nicaragua, ran ashore in a storm in the early 1900s. The firebox is visable and the locals say it’s possible to see more at low tide.




I have made it to the Mansfield Channel. The milepost reads “60”. Time from Point A is 3 hours 15 minutes with a few short breaks.
My wife Lisa has packed lunch and i’m famished.

The channel ahead is 50 feet deep and there is now way across. The wreckage of a Spanish ship was found during the trenching of the canal.
On the opposite side I see fishermen that have come from South Padre Island. Most of the ride in there were only a few fishermen scattered along the beach and here at the end I see there is a couple in a jeep having a picnic and one fisherman.


Ricky has been here for several days camping and shark fishing. He has pics of sharks he caught up to 6 feet long.


After a bit of sightseeing it is now 3:30pm. The wind has calmed somewhat and the tide is low. The low tide has exposed a hard packed surface than enables me to ride faster and with much less difficulty. Average speed now is near 35mph. This frees up some time to scavenge. There are rules against removing items but im taking my chances with a few floats I want to use for decoration. The basket makes it possible to carry more. There is alot of debris, mostly plastic bottles and rope. But I want to return some day just to scavenge thru the dunes.

By the way, the mosquitos are thick here. *Bring repellant*


With the sun on the horizon and 30 more miles to ride I decide to ‘set sail’. Around the 20 mile marker I notice a trophy buck.


By the time I exit the park it is dark. The guardshack is closed. There were only a handful of people scattered along the 60 mile return. As I pass the fuel stop the odometer roles to 152 miles.

Thanks for reading. If you know of a ride in this area that I might take please email, call, or comment.


Extreme cold weather came to south Texas two weeks ago. During that time many sea turtles had to be rescued. They were found on the beach around Laguna Madre.

Today the turtles are being returned to the water. They are being released on the gulf side because the water in the lagoon is about 50 degrees but the gulf water is near 65 degrees.



The Sea Turtle Rescue Team is educationg the public. Children want a closer look.


This man operates ARK – the Animal Rehabilitaion Keep. This organization rescues the turtles and then returns them to the water when they are ready.


Time to release the turtles. They held them for us to see, then walked into the water and released them.
There was some disappointment that the turtles were not released on land so that everyone could watch them crawl into the sea…oh well!!



Many people came to the event.


Because of the special event the entry to the seashore was free today. I thought to ride to the end of the beach however the speed limit is 15 MPH. At that rate it would take 4 hours to the end, then 4 hours back. I will save this for a time that i’ve packed a lunch.


Thanks for reading. Ride safe…always wear a helmet.

Los Ebanos Ferry

I left home at 8:30. It’s 180 miles to Los Ebanos.

Los Ebanos hiway

The ferry operators are at lunch. This is a hand drawn ferry.
To walk on $1.25, motorcycles $3, cars $4.
My registration is out of date. No crossing today.
A group of riders came to take pictures. We talked about someday getting together and ride to Monteray.

The Ferry

Roadside lunch of tamales. Cold cantelope fresca was great.

Roadside Tamales

The blimp in the sky is for the border patrol to view down on the river.

Eye in the sky


Twisted Humor

The last stop was in Progresso Texas.

Progresso, Tx

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Around the Bay

Great day to ride. Started at N.A.S. Corpus Christi and rode onto the causeway.
This looks like a popular place to fish. I like the benches.

NotePics 594

I crossed the bridge to Padre Island and turned east onto Mustang Island. Access Road 2 leads to the beach. Anyone can drive the beach like a city street but if you stop and park a permit is needed.

NotePics 596

After about 8 miles I turned back to the highway and rode to the Ferry. It’s free by the way.
The ferry runs fro Port Aransas to Aransas Pass.

NotePics 599

Then back into Corpus. The people here love their Salina (Salina Perez). This monument is along the seawall downtown.

NotePics 601

Back at N.A.S. the milage was 70 miles.

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